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Krishna Inks

Krishna Inks RC Series Moonview 2

Krishna Inks RC Series Moonview 2

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Krishna Inks is the brainchild of Dr. Sreekumar a medical professional by day and a connoisseur by night.
He brings his passion from his younger days, when he would grind and turn fountain pens long before the era of the ball pen. Drawing inspiration from his Master Mr Ramachandran of Calicut Dr.Sreekumar started making fountain pen inks in 2010. What started as a hobby is today his passion. Dr.Sreekumar a believer of the Make in India campaign hand makes these inks at his workshop in Kerala, India also known as Gods own country!
The sheen works best with higher quality papers like the Tomoe River, the sheen will reduce significantly with lower quality paper.
We’ve tried hard to accurately scan and colour-correct genuine Krishna ink swatches, but please note the usual caveats about variations due to scanning and displaying on your monitor, please treat this as a guide only.


Brand: Krishna Inks
Volume: 20 ml
Ink Type: Bottled Ink
Sheen: Yes
Shading: No
Waterproof: No
Water Resistant: No
Iron Gall: No
Shimmer: No


Even thought most of our inks are maintenance free, enhance the performance of your pens with regular monthly cleaning. Immerse pen in mild soapy water for an hour or use the Krishna Pen Flush.


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Customer Reviews

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Rahul Patel
My favourite Sheening Ink in the world - Moonview 2

I have some wonderful sheening inks from Japan, Germany and the US but none of them can match the gorgeous sheen that this one has. It's particularly a joy to use on the beautiful Regalia paper (made by the folks at Endless).

Can be better

1. With a Jinhao X750 medium nib, the sheen effect is well presented, and the colour is very similar to what is pictured in the product image. The blue however is a darker blue than what is pictured, coming across as a dark blue with a medium nib as opposed to the lighter blue shade shown in the product image. On the whole, I still like it.

2. The ink is drier than a standard or shading ink, and the nib takes a few strokes to get started. Perhaps this is a feature of all sheen inks

3. The ink stains the grip section of the pen whilst being filled but can be removed with a drop of acetone / nail polish remover on the cloth you use to wipe the pen.

One ask is for more product information on the page. Each ink has a brief about Krishna Inks but not the specific ink being purchased.